まったく経験のない2人の女の子がShopify eコマースストアを開始し、60日間で2万ドル以上の売り上げを上げた方法。これが彼らの話です。

エミリーとダニエラに会いましょう。 20代の2人の女の子は、どちらも歯科衛生士として9〜5の仕事をしており、検疫を生産的に使用し、独自のShopifyストアで販売を開始することにしました…絞り染め。

彼らは両方ともeコマースに非常に興味があり、ShopifyまたはAmazon FBAのいずれかで販売するために、しばらくの間自分の店を始めたいと思っていました…しかし、彼らは販売する製品を考えることができませんでした。







彼らは、Shopify eコマースビジネスを成功させ、基本的にゼロから成功する起業家になるための日々の苦労を記録します。






Ecom Freedom Shopifyコース(75%オフ+生涯無制限の1対1のメンターシップ):


Ecomレーダー-#1 Shopify製品調査ツール(無料):


💵🚀eコマースビジネス/ブランドのアイデアに投資したいですか? 🚀💵

Ecom FreedomVCをオープンしました。これは世界で最初のeコマースのみのVCです。


ここからEcomFreedom VCに申し込む:(申し込むには製品のアイデアが必要です)



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  • canerica canada 2年 ago

    Great inspiration. Love the fact that Dan can sponsor great talent and drive.

  • A J 2年 ago

    Congratulations to the sisters and Thank you Dan, for the interview! Curious, can you help understand How did your business start getting noticed without ads?

  • POL-CA W Kanadzie 2年 ago

    Hi. I have a question to girls. How you manage shipping from Canada post to worldwide? Shipping cost is so expensive? How much is shipping cost?
    And can I have Matthew’s contact info to run ads for me?

  • Alec Irvine 2年 ago

    This video helped me a lot with the process of branding and just opened my eyes a lot

  • Harlem Punk 2年 ago

    They made 20K. But takeaway all the costs involved, how much did they actually make? I'd guess closer to 7K.

  • Crushed It 2年 ago

    Thanks, that was good to watch. Love hearing the success stories 🙂

  • San 2年 ago

    Best channel on YouTube

  • vee Inspire 2年 ago

    How did you do marketing, how did people get to see and buy your product

  • The Info Magnet 2年 ago

    Great going girls and Dan thank you for doing all this world needs people like you and need motivation everyone can be successful if they decide to achieve success.

  • Mil M 2年 ago

    I just found your channel and I'm hook I'm so being watching all your videos, I'm just starting as a e-commerce and I can't believe I'm actually getting profits and just by posting on marketplace and several apps , can't imagine how much I could grow if I start a website and run a few adds and understand the back of how it works.

  • Peter Moring 2年 ago

    As an Old Chap, it's great to see the younger generation (Many like you four) still have that 'work ethic' that we Boomers did, and don't 'expect' everything handed to them on a plate – as is so often portrayed via Social-Media – Media – Press and TV …. Great Stuff!! 🙂

  • Michael Ad 2年 ago

    Thank you for all the information you give for free. I realized that it was really not advisable to drop-ship in Shopify via Oberlo, and it is better to contact the supplier alone.

    After people have ordered from me, is there a way to automatically send the customers' delivery details to the factory/supplier? Without every single order going into Shopify and copy paste …

  • Christian Manansala 2年 ago

    I distinctly remember Dan saying “don’t do clothing and apparel…. maybe he’s now changed his opinions on that.

  • TheBestOf MoviesScene 2年 ago

    anyone who need dan vas shopify freedom course at a cheap contact @shopifyfreedomcourse ig

  • Mac Weilman 2年 ago

    Appreciate this! I’m a girl who did 8K on Etsy in 2019 selling hair accessories, and then 20K so far this year selling home sewn face masks. Currently working on my Shopify dropshipping store because while I like running my own handmade business I’d love to get a supplier.

  • Derek Chong 2年 ago

    Great to have you back!

  • Brook 2年 ago

    lol, drop shipper would have made $2000 after expenses

  • Alex Finesse 2年 ago

    HEY GIRLS! the next step is go to Etsy.. :))

  • YUSUF BOBAT 2年 ago

    Hey Dan, fan from Zambia. I wanted to ask if you have a video with detailed info on how you make a deal with the supplier in the beginning. Do you make a deal for bulk production or not? Thank you

  • Fernanda Maia 2年 ago

    Dan, how do you do your pricing? I'm using your tips to contact the manufacturers on Alibaba but none of them can give a real preview of shipping prices for customers. Help please!

  • Paul Eveleigh 2年 ago

    Hi Guys. Good on ya ! Can I ask how much did you spend on advertising on FB for 1st 2 months?

  • Moshe Pogrow 2年 ago

    hay dan i have been waiting for you every day

  • starsofvita 2年 ago

    Better to refer to them as "women" and not girls

  • stephanie randolph 2年 ago

    This is awesome! I just started my own shopify clothing company but my niche is Faith based. Any advice on how to get my first sales? I started FB ads 5 days ago and I am getting traffic just no sales yet… Thanks!

  • Bayrem 2年 ago

    Can i marry one the them?

  • M S 2年 ago

    Is there a way to make money and stop depending on cheap Chinese labor to do so…why are we making China our new master…thanks for trying to help so many, I just wish we could find something that is going to change the world and not just bring more consumption…

  • Rocio Hernandez 2年 ago

    Hey Dan, I've just recently started watching you Chanel and Wow!. The amount of Straight up Helpful content is Amazing. I was wondering if you can open up a topic about product inspection before shipping for Amazon FBA. I dont think you've ever mentioned it on your vids. It would really mean a lot to most of us. Again great work, and thank you for inspiring thousands of people.

  • Opal Rhue 2年 ago

    Great job ladies!

  • Heidi Chan 2年 ago

    Hi Dan, if we are doing personalized products, is it workable on Shopify?

  • Andrew Pew 2年 ago

    dropshipping is very hard guys. this is a fact. dan vas lost all his hair from stress rip

  • Saad Raja 2年 ago

    Dan there is any social platform where i can get in contact with you as I would like to ask you some information. Thank you

  • padre nostro che 666 2年 ago

    Uuuh new videooo so excited!!!

  • Nitin 2年 ago

    Its important that you just dont crash it out, collect funds, you should have at least over a 1000$ to get started with your dropshipping store. I'm from a country where shopify payments and paypal isnt supported, so I have to register a company in the US or UK to get started with even setting up payment, but that didnt let me down, I have been learning shopify, facebook ads, market research, video ads, retargeting, problems will paypal, business management, issues that come with dropshipping and stripe, website design, css, the right tools to use for everything. But, I'm still short of fund. I found this idea of dropshipping about 3 years ago when I had no money, looking for a long term, I started learning side-skills like SEO, freelancing, video editing, illustrator. I started taking these projects to make money online, I just crossed 300$ yesterday, and I'm getting pace little by little. I'm discussing with agents to get my business registered soon . I have done enough research on products and I have a sperated google docs folder where I have just tracked my progress with dropshipping knowledge and financial status. I might be launching my first dropshipping store after 6 months. I dont expect immediate success, at least that is what freelancing taught me! I will keep that spirit high and run this business in a way it creates more value, I have also contacted wholesale providers for branded dropshipping, some custom works with the products ad I'm so amazed that there are peope so co-operative and so disappointing in this field as well. I think conssistency is key!
    God bless the hustle!

  • BXPE 2年 ago

    Question:if you work with a manufacture and you ask for their products for example a 1000 of their products do you have to pay for that 1000 or do they get a percentage of your profit/and how do you pay them

  • BXPE 2年 ago

    I’ve seen your dropshipping tutorials and it really inspired me

  • M Faizan 2年 ago

    hope you are doing well during covid. You bring in great content.

  • M Faizan 2年 ago

    probably the only channel who can make me watch the entire 46min video.

  • M Faizan 2年 ago

    probably the only channel who can make me watch the entire 46min video.

  • BboyMentos 2年 ago

    Hey Dan, to begin with I just wanted to say thank you for putting this valuable information out for free. So I was just wondering if you think it would be a good idea to go with a proven formula with dropshipping that you suggest before starting a clothing brand to build income first or should I just go with my clothing brand head on?

  • Austin 2年 ago

    whats the affiliation with angellist?

  • The Gunther Group 2年 ago

    lol thats what i made today off of 10 contracts on option tades with Shopify lol.

  • Sna Ok 2年 ago

    How to select the winning products?

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