Pose | Season 3: Official Trailer | FX

As a family. Always. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the final season of Pose. Premieres May 2nd on FX.

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In the final season of Pose, time flashes forward to 1994. Blanca struggles to balance being a mother, a present partner to her new love and a nurse’s aide. Meanwhile, as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44, Pray Tell contends with unexpected health burdens. Pose features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular

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Pose | Season 3: Official Trailer | FX

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  • Mike Bailon 2年 ago

    Alguien sabe dónde puedo ver todas las temporadas ya no encuentro en Netflix.

  • xx xx 2年 ago

    This season faltered. The writers did not allow the characters to experience the consequences of their actions (I.e. getting away with murder) and thus the storytelling became cloying and fake.

  • Claudia Monje 2年 ago

    this is the most beautiful show ever …I cried in all season 3 ….I hope never ends but we all will miss Mr. Potter

  • Manny Taylor 2年 ago

    Such a great show. Unforgettable characters

  • Sebastian Enjcb 2年 ago

    This show truly has me opening my eyes to the world people like me had to live back then. This is real life, and a beautiful culture. I’m sad yet proud, angry and hopeful. And for those who came before me to pave the way for me to be happy, I thank you. They are the stars of life.

  • Lanaholic 2年 ago

    this is the best lgbtq+ show fight me

  • Olivia Sa 2年 ago

    Best show best actors and actresses…Im really touched by this show…Thank U guys.Im talking from Brazil Rio de Janeiro….. Youve just touched our hearts…Thank U ….THANK YOU GUYS…❤

  • Sona Avak 2年 ago

    Blanca forever.

  • Felu Felino 2年 ago

    I don’t want it to end. It’s iconic

  • Brendon Wertz 2年 ago

    I'm a transgender gay man and my boyfriend is beyond supportive. He showed me this show because it has representation of transgender people even though I cannot directly relate to trans women I do know what the dysphoria, harassment, discrimination and overall emotional toll being transgender can bring. My boyfriend wants me to feel seen and because of this show I do. Even though I haven't known him long I think I love him for that. For the deep care and support he has for me it is beyond what words can describe. More than a lot of family members who have known me for my whole life have shown me…

  • Galina Gajik 2年 ago

    This was one of the most heartfelt series Finales…. There was so much more attention to Elektras home upbringing, and her mother’s violent abuse, I was absolutely stunned with elektras absence of power, towards her short-arsed insulting mother as she threw her out onto the concrete like garbage… it clearly impacted her future resistance to being anyones victim ever again even when she had a chance to repair the relationship she stood tall and didn’t sell herself short later on when she revisits home her mother’s plea to tone it down., the AIDS fight was jaw dropping way before my time but the fight for meds and health care and victimisation on coloured patients, police brutality, was beyond horrifying……it’s toll on longstanding support nurse Judy, (Bernhardt) but all the girls really began to start living their truths, expressing their fears,. and surpassing their dark pasts……Blancas new relationship was incredible, I was confused at first because her relationship from series 2 seemed promising,. But became non existent. And how her new man took stand against his mother’s un acceptance of them both, blancas inspiration n gain and wisdom n purpose of becoming a qualified nurse was such a positive it was hard to believe she was also still Hiv positive throughout, such a fighter and kept optimistic.. the whole storyline of these peoples lives is so traumatic, painful and in depth to so much rejections and loss n violent abuse…. But, So much more put into perspective of the message of survival and hope and success to their dreams to push onto others..
    I found myself crying throughout almost the entire series 3 more so than the previous 2. Elektra kept her dominant stance and mission of money but completely made her own self a BO$$ but became really humbling to her daughters and family …….Angel with her father was quite pivotal also, as it reminded her she no longer required to keep paying a price to be loved or running out on love….and her wedding vows to Papi….❤️ And the service… I really loved series 3 as a finale, it really rang true to how lack I knew about the negative culture and the social injustice all these souls endured captured in this series….It really tho was Blanca all along who kept them all together n much of the cast really reminded her selfless service throughout the entire series, but praytells regretful mother moment alone with Blanca really instilled that gratefulness towards her as mother to mother I felt. Blanca played her part with so much nurturing love, rawness… fairness, peace and grace….
    no labels and all labels aside- but even tho she portrays a trans woman I never seen her throughout the series really as a ‘transgender woman’… I seen her purely as ‘A woman’ a grown one. And papis toast to the grooms, that spun me out, the honesty about what real men are, and what he learnt from the gay men giving him the support n courage to love someone unique like Angel but in the real world he would be shunned with many other men afraid to love who they love without fear or judgment. Some so called real women and men could all learn from this series. It definitely opened my eyes to how prejudice society was/ and still is to such a large community of love. They were not all blood related but I seen them all as a ‘real family’ and frankly I’m very jealous.

  • MUApril 2年 ago

    My 2 spirited people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ our 2 spirited people

  • MicrosoftUser 2年 ago

    blanca aint a mother and never will be he's a man, nothing transgender about GOD'S creation,tell gone it's not good anymore

  • William Harris 2年 ago

    I just found this show. Been binge watching for 2 days. I laugh, I cry, I get angry. I'm in love.

  • Susana Ramirez Londoño 2年 ago

    hi beautiful souls! If you're gonna miss Pose and wish to see more ballroom culture, check out the voguing competition, Legendary, on HBO max! Competitors are composed of current Houses in the ballroom scene!

  • Vivian A. Boateng 2年 ago

    Why is this not on Netflix yet ???

  • Raven Baines 2年 ago

    This show has meant so much to me as a transgender woman

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