How To Fix PRNDL Odometer Display on GM Trucks

DIY Bri shows you how to fix a common problem on 1999-2002 GMC & Chevy Trucks where the odometer/gear shift all in one PRNDL display will randomly go out or completely stop working. Bri gives you complete detailed instructions on repairing the solder connections to fix this problem.

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Helpful tools for this job. Actual tools I would recommend buying.
Soldering Iron:
1/4-Inch Drive Socket Set:
Magnifying Glass:
Small hook tools:
Circuit Board Solder

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  • @joewhetstone4775 3週間 ago

    So on my 02 Silverado it doesn’t ever cut out it’s always lit up but over the years the light gets more dull now to see the mileage I have to hold my hands over it to make it dark would that be the same issue or is that something else?

  • @misi3180 3週間 ago

    I am extremely grateful for your video. How you did the layout, the detailed explanations. It's like spectacular coming from someone who knows bsolutely. nothing about vehicles except one pedel, makes it go, and the other 1 makes it stop. That is about the extent of my knowledge when it comes to vehicles. I applaud you, sir, for taking the time out of your day to make this video. It was extremely helpful. I would not have been able to fix this or afford to have someone fix it for me. Thank you again. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

  • @denttech8447 3週間 ago

    I have a 99 GMC Sierra that the odometer and PRND321 flickers off and on in half sections. I assume this video is the fix for that but the gauges,tach,speedometer will go off and the battery light comes on. Then I hit a bump and it all comes back on again. That started around the time I installed a backup camera to my stereo. The flickering odometer started much later. Ideas or comments?

  • @fbrow16 3週間 ago

    Thanks bro I got mine fixed!!! Now to fix my wife's 2001 yukon

  • @mr.404atl2 3週間 ago

    Thank you sir for sharing.

  • @MrFortnoxtt 3週間 ago

    My display comes on initially and then goes off. Do you think your instructions cover my issue?

  • @chriskemps8358 3週間 ago

    Worked great !! It was exactly the pin you said! I watched another video to take it out and your video to repair. Took me literally 15 mins. Pissed off I didn't fix this sooner. ❤❤

  • @keakar63 3週間 ago

    just to clarify, i thought you said the gauges had to be unsoldered from the board, yet i didnt see you do that ore resolder them to the board. or did i misunderstand and they just press together to make the connection? mine is so dim i cant see it except at night when its dark. to anyone who did this, can you answer my question and if this fixes a very dim LED as well

  • @Laynbodyon6s 3週間 ago

    Thank you, bought a truck and the display didn’t work. Watched this video and fixed it in 10 minutes! Good as new now!

  • @dirtyboy8336 3週間 ago

    Thanks for the info but that’s not my problem. I bought a new Odometer and lights still don’t come on. I think it’s more electric problems going on besides my Odometer

  • @hunterc9089 3週間 ago

    What kind of shop would even do a fix like this ?

  • @tbsomerville5798 3週間 ago

    My display on my Silverado just went out last week… I know what I’ll be doing today. Thank you for the detailed yet simple explanation.

  • @DavidPethtal-gi4uj 3週間 ago

    I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 HD, had the same problem with mine that stopped showing the PND21, Odometer and Trip Mileage too. I did exactly the same thing of re-soldering any connections that looked dry or loose –
    reassembled the dashboard and it now works like it used to. Thank you for this video !!!!

  • @lunajohnsen9752 3週間 ago

    My works key on engine off but not when key on engine running. Can u help Me.

  • @obscurefortress7831 3週間 ago

    Great video pointed me in the right direction of where to look inside the cluster, but my issue wasn't with the pins at all.
    It ended up being the resistors next to the display had gotten so hot they had melted there poorly done solder joints from high heat of florida and long road trips. finally able to see the mileage/trip meter on my 02 duramax for the first time in almost 10 years.

  • @victormendoza5229 3週間 ago

    Is it the same procedure for a 2003 Crew cab? Or what should I do?

  • @savagegames403 3週間 ago

    I have a 2007 equinox, the gauge cluster had the PRNDIL lights work fine even when shifting. Replaced the gauge cluster cause of 2 bad stepper motors, and now when I shift to D it goes from N to I. What could be my issue?

  • @ratataran 3週間 ago

    this doesn't look like my 02 trailblazer once I got it off! there's nothing to bend back!

  • @EskelatorThePlumber 3週間 ago

    Just fixed mine today! Thank you so much!

  • @demetriosoto8372 3週間 ago

    Thanks, came across your video on this DIY project. I followed your instructions and it corrected my problem.
    Thanks for the info and Big Help

  • @SilentWeeb 3週間 ago

    This worked! Thank you.

  • @craigsnides158 3週間 ago

    You ROCK!! Just did this a couple hours ago after they were out for maybe 10 years. Redid around ten or so joints and three were definitely cold. Up until now I was pressuring the odometer reset button with the bottom of a bic lighter to light it up. Excellent tutorial. Thank you!!

  • @zacvoorhees2879 3週間 ago

    Is there a fuse I can check before I pull my dash apart?

  • @bigbe3tsdrumming 3週間 ago

    Sir you are a gentlemen and a scholar. I was helping a buddy and with this guide had the job done in 15 minutes.

  • @FordShitBoxes94 3週間 ago

    I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 my odometer works but I can’t see what gear I’m in the light that shows up on the gears when you change too one doesn’t show up any Ideas?

  • @mr.j-rcs822 3週間 ago

    The circuit board dont come off 2005 GMC Sierra.. i think i have to take dials off front

  • @raider4394 3週間 ago

    Not exactly a truck, but my 2003 Impala has this same issue. Hopefully I can do the same fix.

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